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Now that I am about to celebrate my 80th birthday (in six days), I figure it’s time to develop a bucket list.

Number one is always the top priority and will remain so until it is achieved.

Some others are achievable and are important priorities.

Others will happen when fairy stories come true 😊

I reckon you will know which is which.

1. Well wife – we are working hard to help Nichol to become well enough for us to do the things we planned 16 years ago – travel in Australia, visit family and friends, see her family in USA each 2 years, go dancing.

2. See lots more of my son, daughter-in-law and grandson.

3. Sell lots of “Rethinking Parkinson’s Disease” to help those diagnosed with neuro disorders.

4. Finish the renovations of the exterior of our home.

5. Finish renovating the interior of our home.

6. Play my French Horn again.

7. Play an Alexander French Horn with an orchestra in Brahms 3rd symphony.

8. Publish “Measure Of Love” written in 1984/5.

9. Establish an online forum for those diagnosed with neuro or autoimmune disorders who want to discuss hope and recovery while avoiding all the “Woe is me” hopelessness that abounds in other forums and the “Give us money so we can find a cure” nonsense.

10. Create a Wellness Centre that focuses on RECOVERY from chronic disorders, using the best from Western Allopathic Medicine and Complementary Medicine with practitioners working respectfully together to help people become independently well.

11. Plus a Research Centre that focuses on RECOVERY rather than aiming at profitable medicine/supplement/equipment outcomes.

12. Complete an undergraduate degree, Masters and PhD in neurology.

13. Do three laps of Mount Panorama, Bathurst, flat out in a V8 Supercar driven by any of the current terrific Super Car drivers – I was granted 2 laps around Calder in an Erebus Mercedes a few years back and it left me hungry for more 😊

14. Drive a fast car with excellent handling around a race track.

15. Cruise Alaska.

16. Visit Scotland.

17. See Uluru, Kakadu, Monkey Mia, Great Barrier Reef and all the other wonderful places in Oz.

18. Jump out of an airplane – preferably with a parachute 😊

19. Go gliding.

20. Write another book – possibly more about neurodegenerative disorders, stealth infections, or the pharmaceutical control of our health.

21. Retire from necessary work and volunteer for some charities, work with wood and spend more time with friends.

22. Write more poetry.

23. Publish my poetry.

24. Own a convertible car again.


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