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As my 81st birthday approaches in June 2024, I have spent time considering plans for my remaining years.


It has become clear that I can no longer continue to work full time, 5-6 days per week while preserving reasonable health.


I believe that my work is important; primarily for those diagnosed with Parkinson’s, similar degenerative disorders or stealth infections, but also for the Complementary Medicine community.


My latest book, “Rethinking Parkinson’s Disease” (published 2020) will, I believe, be a valuable resource for patients and practitioners for many years.


However, people with dire diagnoses and prognoses desire, and deserve, personal support from skilled, empathic practitioners.


I have now closed my books to new patients as I am fully booked through the rest of this year, and will slowly pull back from continuing patients when they no longer need my help.


I will continue to be active in promoting recovery from chronic disorders and can offer several services to support both potential patients and practitioners who share my philosophy of recovery:


1.       Direct referral – if we receive an enquiry for treatment, we can refer directly to a practitioner who has demonstrated understanding and skill in guiding patients towards wellness by treating the underlying causes of neurodegenerative and autoimmune disorders;

2.       Assess and Refer – for a small fee from the patient, I will spend time in discerning the underlying causes of the enquirers state of ill health, create a report with details of causes and a suggested treatment plan, and refer to the most appropriate practitioner;

3.       I will continue to offer Mentoring Services for those practitioners who are willing to support patients diagnosed with neuro, autoimmune or chronic infectious disorders.

4.       Practitioners wishing to upskill and enter this field, or students of naturopathy wishing to gain knowledge and skills in this area prior to graduation can receive training and mentoring on the causes of neurodegenerative disorders and strategies for recovery.


My hope is that there will be, in time, a network of enthusiastic and skilled practitioners around the globe to support those diagnosed with “incurable” disorders. I am sure you will understand that I feel comfortable referring potential patients only to those who are versed in the causes of and recovery from these disorders.


These services will, of course, only be available while I am alive and functioning as a semi-retired naturopath. After that, I trust that there will be a number of well-known practitioners to support peoples’ ambition to be well.



There are approximately 10 million people diagnosed with Parkinson’s around the world. In Australia, there are about 100,000.

Add to that people diagnosed with MSA, PSP and other “Parkinson’s Plus” illnesses, 30,000 people with MS plus other chronic autoimmune conditions and MND/ALS, etc, and the need is HUGE.

While I have focused primary on Parkinson’s, Parkinson’s Plus and MS, with stealth infections as one of the aetiological pathways, this is mainly because I am only one person.


Western Medicine, while it holds a valuable place in our community, offers only symptom control. I wish to leave a network of skilled practitioners who focus on reversing the underlying causes of these “incurable” disorders and assist people to recover their health.


If you are a qualified healthcare practitioner, or a patient with an interested practitioner providing care, and have interest in receiving mentoring and/or referrals from me, I will be pleased to discuss training and mentoring opportunities. You can email me on or visit my updated website on




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