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I’ve been recommending the book to others too. I really think it’s such a significant piece of work with the potential to help so many people.

SR, Parkinson’s patient

I also bought your book Rethinking Parkinson's Disease, and I really wanted to write to you to say I think this is the best book I've ever read on the subject, and I read a great deal. It really is superb, comprehensive and for me an entirely appropriate way forward. So I've immediately began changing my already quite good diet and Lifestyle, and I'm consulting with a local naturopath about detoxing as I have high mercury levels on testing. Most of all, your book has given me confidence and motivation, so that's worth everything else put together.

Simon M, Person with Parkinson’s.

Indeed, I am also aware that your approach to helping people with Parkinson’s has been supportive and complementary and many of my patients have found it to be very helpful.

Dr A, Neurologist, Australia

And what a great read it is John Coleman! Not just for people with a diagnosis of Parkinson's but for maintaining health full stop! A common sense approach to navigating life in a modern world. Highly recommended! The recovery of your own health is a testament to the quality of your information

Deb Hart, Practitioner, Adelaide

Your latest book on Parkinson's' disease is amazing, just finished reading it. Your experience with the patients, the GP's, the specialists is the same as mine and I am sure other naturopaths have the same experience, bad and good. I like your careful and yet skillful selection of words.

I can relate to every page on your book, as it comes not only from an experienced practitioner, but well-read and researched too and someone who has been to a hell of Parkinson's disease and is in recovery. This is an incredible achievement. There are many books on various health topics written by the "experts " but with little substance or connection with the reader.

I will use your book as my manual in the treatment of my patients with Parkinson's disease. Your book demonstrates that (the) patient needs to be part of the whole healing process too and the case studies clearly demonstrate that. It is hard to convey sometimes this to the chronically ill patients, (or any patient) that their diet and lifestyle is the cause and that it is not wise to come back to the old habits.

Danuta Hulajko, Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist, NSW, Australia


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